To Malaysia in the summer: choosing the right places

To Malaysia in the summer: choosing the right places

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On the east coast of Malaysia, summer is the “high” season. How to plan a vacation in this part of the country, including the Perhentian Islands, Tioman Islands, Redang, Lang Tenga, will be discussed at the webinar, which will be held at the ATOR site on June 26 at 13:00 (Moscow time). The audience will be introduced to fabulous nature – snow-white beaches, a rich underwater world, relict jungles.

Try to find photos of the east coast of Malaysia on the Internet. Looking at these Bounty–style pictures, you will probably think – these are the places you definitely need to get to. You should not postpone your desires. Moreover, summer is the most suitable time for their implementation. From May to October, the East Coast is in high season, with minimal rainfall.

Such resorts on the East Coast of Malaysia as the islands of Redang, Tioman, and the Perhentian Islands have long earned the recognition of tourists from all over the world. Meanwhile, for many Russian tourists, these locations still remain unknown. But the situation will change very soon.

At the webinar, which will be held at the ATOR site on June 26 at 13:00 (Moscow time), tour professionals will be able to expand their knowledge about tourist Malaysia, receive valuable recommendations from specialists regarding holidays on the East Coast.

The main “trump cards” of the East Coast are postcard-white beaches, fabulous nature, giant turtles. The water in the sea is so clear that you can see everything that happens at a depth of up to 33 meters. And all around there is ringing silence and that fantastic feeling of freedom.

Of course, you can diversify your vacation on one of the islands with excursions deep into the fascinating continental part of Malaysia. The capital of the Sultanate of Pahang on the East Coast can be reached from Kuala Lumpur in 40 minutes. or go by car.

Malaysia is waiting for a meeting with paradise seekers on June 26 at 13:00 (Moscow time) at the ATOR site. Registration is here.

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